CPD Session – 11 May 2023

Cross-Border Conflict of Law Issues arising from Ferngrove Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd v Betterway Healthcare International Pty Ltd [2022] SASCA 31   Presenter: Michael Manetta (Villeneuve Smith Chambers)   (Professional Skills, 1.25 points)   Registration requested.  In-person attendance available.

CPD Session – 1 December 2022

Royal Commission in regard to Rupert Max Stuart, 1959 Lessons from the past for the future   The Hon. Christopher Legoe AO KC in conversation with Michael Abbott AO KC   (Professional Skills, 1.25 points)   Registration essential.  In-person attendance encouraged.  Zoom attendance available.

CPD Session – 10 November 2022

Electric Vehicles, Excise Taxes and Vertical Fiscal Imbalance: A discussion about the various issues emerging in the Vanderstock v Victoria Case   Presenter: Mike Wait SC (Solicitor-General)   (Professional Skills, 1.25 points)   Registration essential.  In-person or Zoom attendance available.