President’s Message

Welcome to the Bar Association of South Australia – the professional body of Barristers in South Australia.

SABA was formed in December 1964 and a Bar Roll was created containing the following undertaking:

“Every person subscribing to this roll undertakes to practise exclusively as Counsel, to abide by all the rulings of the South Australian Bar Council and to pay the annual subscriptions required by the Council.”

Members of SABA provide strong, independent legal representation in diverse areas of the law.  Our Members are highly skilled legal practitioners and specialist advocates who support the principle of access to legal representation for all members of the community.

In Ziems v The Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of NSW, Dixon CJ acknowledged that the Bar exercises a unique but indispensable function in the administration of justice. Reflecting on the unique character of the Bar Kitto J said in the same case:

“It has been said before, and in this case the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has said again, that the Bar is no ordinary profession or occupation. These are not empty words, nor is it their purpose to express or encourage professional pretensions. They should be understood as a reminder that a barrister is more than his client’s confidant, adviser and advocate, and must therefore possess more than honesty, learning and forensic ability. He is, by virtue of a long tradition, in a relationship of intimate collaboration with the judges, as well as with his fellow-members of the Bar, in the high task of endeavouring to make successful the service of the law to the community. That is a delicate relationship, and it carries exceptional obligations.”

SABA promotes the highest standards of competence and ethical practice of our Members and ensures the well-being and a collegiate environment between Members.

Marie Shaw KC
Current President

Members’ liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation



President: Marie Shaw KC

Vice-President: Jane Abbey KC

Treasurer: Sally Heidenreich

Bar Council – Committee Chairs


Andrew Tokley KC – Chair, Professional Responsibility

Tom Besanko – Chair, Professional Development

Michael Doyle – Chair, Membership

Candida D’Arcy – Chair, Member Services

David Edwardson KC – Chair, Criminal Law

Enzo Belperio – Chair, Commercial and Civil Law

Taanya Lewis – Chair, Family Law

Gillian Walker SC – Chair, Women at the Bar

Ordinary Members


Mark Anderson

Michelle Barnes

Scott Evans

Rachael Gray KC

Tyneil Flaherty

Stephen Mitchell

Jane Powell

Anne Sibree

President’s Speeches & Press Releases