SABA Barristers

Barristers are independent, specialist advocates who are trained to appear in a court, tribunal or commission of inquiry. Many also act as mediators or arbitrators to facilitate the resolution of disputes via alternate processes. In addition, barristers can provide objective advice on particular legal problems.

South Australian barristers receive their work (known as ‘briefs’) from solicitors. Under the cab-rank principle, barristers must generally accept any brief brought to them that is within their area of expertise. A barrister has an overriding duty to the Court to act with independence in the interests of the administration of justice. The Barristers’ Conduct Rules set out the important principles of professional conduct, including the duty to represent all clients regardless of personal opinion.



An Ordinary Member of the South Australian Bar Association (SABA) holds an unrestricted SA Practising Certificate, has undertaken to practice exclusively as a barrister and has successfully completed SABA’s Bar Readers Course (or been exempted from it for specific and limited reasons).

Interstate Members meet the equivalent standards in their home jurisdiction in Australia.

Bar Reader Members are currently undertaking the practical training course for barristers who wish to join the Independent Referral Bar in South Australia, which includes a period of mentorship with experienced barristers.


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